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From the Office of the Director
Congratulations GraduatesWelcome to S. I. C.  I am overly excited about our September enrollment.  Allow yourself to experience the great things we have to offer here at our school. 
Remember my door is always open.
Freddie Cunningham
Napoleon Evans
Derrick Pittman
Jammie Hollins
Harlan Vaughn
Upcoming GraduatesWelcome New Students Day & Night
Andria Brooks
Kimberly Britt
Alexis Fields
Shanickey Fifer
Marico Ford
Cameron Hogg
Mi'Cheal Houston
Isaiah Johnson
Sylvia Johnson
Jeremy Taylor
Tiffany Warner
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Breast Cancer Awareness
October 20, 2011LaToya Ammons*         October
Birthday Celebrations
Kimberly Britt*    Michael Isaac
October 20, 2011Talya Brown*    Isaiah Johnson
November 22, 2011Tanisha Burris*    Shenoval Jones
December 20, 2011Robert Cleveland*    Cherese Pointer
Kristy Cooper*         November
November 24th & 25thRandy Goodlow*    Tina Estell
Mi'Cheal Houston*    Michael Isaac
Christmas BreakMichael Isaac**    Isaiah Johnson
December 24th -Kimiekah Jones*    Cherese Pointer
January 2nd Panya Longmire*
Christmas Dinner December 21, 2011
Alexandria Lundy* 
Katicha Malone*
New Student OrientationJohn Matthews**  
January 17, 2012Starkesha Matthews*
Daneisha Miles**
Dominique Miles*
Camille Miller*
Cherese Pointer*
LaCresha Thomas**
Margaret Thompson*
Tracy Woodard**
*Denotes an A Avg.
**Denotes a B Avg.